JUDGE’S CHOICES – 2019 COMPETITION – Love’s footprint


Motherlode – David Terelinck


A Wake for Amy – Kerry Harte


(poems listed in alphabetical order)

Clan Call – Robert Reid

Even Though We Are Half a Universe Apart – Rhonda Poholke

Galleries – Judyth Keighran

Heather – Toni Brisland

Invisible Print – Valerie Volk

Love’s Footprint – Eve Norton McGlashan

Nexus – Suzi Mezei

Nous ne sommes pas un couple – Jacqueline Law

Now That He’s Gone – Janeen Samuel

Que je t’aime – Joan Ray

Renewal – Robert Reid

Returning – Janeen Samuel

The Gardener’s Love – Clare-Louise Grace Watson

The Rhythm Line – Tim Collins

The Sweetest Moment – Vivien de Jong

The Tracking Harness – Joan Ray

These Reductions  ̶  Tru S Dowling

Things That Kept You Alive – Charles D’Anastasi

Trimester – Suzi Mezei

Unblemished – Pamela Heemskerk

We – Bethany Evans

We Are Dog Lovers – Vivien de Jong

Wheatfield Wind –Marilyn Humbert