Poetica Christi Press Poetry Competition 2021

 Judge: John Foulcher

1st Place                       Those, These Days                                        Tru D Dowling

2nd Place                     Small Epiphanies                                           David Terelinck

Commended              Fences Soaked in Dew                                  Tim Collins

Web                                                                Tru S Dowling


John Constable Paints ‘The Hay Wain’                                           Janice Williams

This Is What I Know                                                                          Gayelene Carbis

The Butterfly in the Room                                                                Wendell Watt

First Christmas After Our Mother’s Death                                     Agi Dobson

Christmas Day Drought                                                                    Bob Topping

Dora Sonnets – Love Remains                                                         Maria Vouis

Easter Miracle                                                                                                Maria Vouis

Tin Stables at Ingleside                                                                    Toni Brisland

To leave a warm bed on Sunday                                                      Richenda Rudman

Cynic’s Glossary                                                                                 Greg Burns

Our Shared Mother                                                                           Jude Aquilina

Dell                                                                                                      Richenda Rudman

Locked Down, Let Out, New Eyes                                                    Christopher Ringrose

Morning Shift, May 1967                                                                  Christopher Ringrose

Snippets                                                                                             Wendy Fleming

After Woodend’s Chamber Poetry Reading                                               Wendy Fleming

A Love Song Refrain                                                                         Tru S Dowling

Dead Sheep                                                                                        Janeen Samuel

Along Brighton Beach                                                                      Allan Lake

Dingo Drop                                                                                        Jennifer Chrystie

Dark Muse                                                                                          John Egan