BEHOLD – 14/5/18

This anthology is a rich and varied menu of surprise, reverence, love and longing, colour and humour. The poems also reflect Don’s faith and his appreciation and love of God’s creation and, if we pay attention, His many signs of grace to us in His world. Read these poems aloud and savour them.

In Search of Wisdom – 9/12/2017


IN SEARCH OF WISDOM – JOY S. CHELLEW – A wonderful collection of poems giving pause for thought, each reflecting a rich background of a life lived with God. They speak of life’s joys and struggles expressed in words that resonate in our daily living.

Wonderment – 2/12/2017

WONDERMENT – a poetry anthology – Grand themes do have their place in literary works, but good poems are more often the result of carefully observed ‘spots of time’, to use Wordsworth’s term. Being attentive to these moments in our lives, moments when we see the wonder of God’s creation in the world around us, is an aptitude that gifted poets develop. They observe what many¬†often miss, divine glory revealed in the small things of life. This collection contains many such poems.