Stiles, Peter


The verse of Peter Stiles is like the man himself – gentle, insightful, and full of wisdom that lingers in your mind for months and years to come. These poems beautifully interweave the life and thinking of C. S. Lewis, Peter’s own experience of suffering and beauty, and the subtle influence of the mountain home to which he loves to retreat. Engaging with these words enables the reader to experience life afresh – with a renewed vision, awake to all the splendour and mystery of life. Dr Mark Stephens, Lecturer in New Testament, Sydney Missionary and Bible College; Research Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity

These lovingly crafted poems are about people and places, memories and emotions, the art of poetry which understands the importance of the well-loved pen from which words and metaphors flow. They are also deeply Christian, though never intrusively so…Peter Stiles has a beautifully deft and gentle way with words and rhythms, his poems catching moments and memories – places in time. The Rev Canon Professor David Jasper DD FRSE, Emeritus Professor – University of Glasgow Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

Unlike Tolkien, who is marvellously monolithic, there are many points of entry into the work of that other giant, C. S. Lewis; and that gives us reason to rejoice here. In Surprised by Jack, Peter Stiles takes us back into his life and work, lived and shared. That experience brought me a quiet, heartfelt joy, as did the later poems about his wife and family. A great read. Dr David Craig, Professor of English, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio


In Trumped by Grace,Peter Stiles shares a stunning poetic ear. And what is more, since that ear is informed by the Word, we find our joy doubled.  Here are poems where the writer and reader alike are trumped by grace, as the grace of God is caught seeping into an everyday world and transfiguring it.

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