WONDERMENT –   edited by Leigh Hay and Maree Silver                                                             An anthology of poetry. Grand themes do have their place in literary works, but good poems are more often the result of carefully observed ‘spots of time’, to use Wordsmiths term. Being attentive to these moments in our lives, moments when we see the wonder of God’s creation in the world around us, is an aptitude that gifted poets develop. They observe what many often miss, divine glory revealed in the small things of life. This collection contains many such poems.                                                        Dr. Peter Stiles, author of ‘Trumped by Grace’.

Wonderment – edited by Maree Silver and Leigh Hay – launched 2/12/2017

 Hope Whispers – edited by Janette Fernando and Maree Silver

“To possess and express hope is intrinsic to our being human……. We have hope in someone or something……. There is the ‘sure and certain’ hope of being in Christ through grace.  ……. in this anthology are poems that travel across a varying landscape. Different poems in style and subject, infused with hope. With a quietness and gentleness, they draw you in, invite you to read… to look up… and reflect… ”     IAN KEAST – poet and reviewer


IMAGINE – edited by Janette Fernando and Maree Silver

ORDER FORM, all books, April, 2016

“This striking anthology features ‘Imagine’ as verb, noun, adjective and adverb, as act, as facility, as perspective, as place, as product, and as effect. … Generosities of words shaped for wonder…” EARL LIVINGS – Writer, Editor, Teacher

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PATCHES OF GODLIGHT – Janette Fernando

“This is the work of a courageous, sensitive, vulnerable, new millennium Psalmist who like David of old finds intimacy and faith in the realities of life …. This is poetry on a journey to the promised land.” DR JOHN SMITH, Author, Preacher, Founder of God’s Squad

Patches of Godlight

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“Here are poems where the writer and reader alike are ‘trumped by grace’, as the grace of God is caught seeping into an everyday world and transfiguring it.” PAUL S. FIDDES, Prof. of Systematic Theology, University of Oxford. Principal Emeritus, Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Trumped By Grace

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“Savouring the nuances of love, moods that swing to natures changes, Gina Sabto is a poet to explore and to treasure… Dream-states, everyday experience and cultural insights meet in White on White; its frank but subtle poems welcome the reader in. Judith Rodriguez.

White on White

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INNER CHILD – edited by Leigh Hay and Maree Silver

In this anthology, poets let their inner child speak. They share their dreams, imaginings, adventures and the joys of innocence…..Tale the hand of your inner child, and make the journey together – to be whoever and whatever you were made to be.”


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THRESHOLD A miscellany. Poems of country and city – Maree Silver

Maree Silver’s poetry touches every sense, she creates imagery that is uniquely Australian. Raised in the Wimmera, Maree recalls memories of desert, plain and river. They come to glorious, descriptive life through her poetry and exquisite photography, and continue to live in harmony with poems of suburbia, family and adulthood. ‘Threshold’ will connect you to the Australia of the Dreamtime and the australia of today.  Leigh Hay, Writer, Editor

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Threshold - A miscellany. Poems of country and city