Taking Flight

“The theme  – taking flight –  has been evocatively realised by a wide range of poets, using imagery and language that soars off the page. This is the perfect book to pick up when you need to be inspired and lifted out of your ordinary day.”                         SHERRYL CLARK – writer, poet and teacher.

This book will take you on a journey … through tales of migration, travel, wanting to belong. Past, Present and Perpetuity are pondered. A closer look at birds in flight leads to contemplation, perspective and inspiration. Then there are poems of childhood, adolescence, letting go, farewell, death, grief, new life, reconciliation, and even the shelter of god’s wings. Confident of the future, we board planes and consider new viewpoints – old worlds, new worlds, other worlds, heavenly worlds. Angels appear. We return to earth in .poems about everyday – agapanthus, cicadas, eyebrows, painting ceilings – till we are finally lifted up again, finding home.


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