“…good poems are more often the result of carefully observed ‘spots of time’, to use Wordsworth’s term. Being attentive to these moments in our lives, moments when we see the wonder of God’s creation in the world around us, is an aptitude that gifted poets develop. They observe what many often miss, divine glory revealed in the small things of life. They realise that astute poetic observations made in stillness, and lines crafted with care, distil the essence of a special moment. Their words are meaningful. This collection contains many such poems. From uplifted eyes through a kitchen window to exotic destinations in lands far from home, from a nurtured memory to a chance encounter, these fine, individual perspectives on wonderment are very worthy tributes to the best poetic impulses.” Dr. Peter Stiles, author of Trumped by Grace, shortlisted for Christian Book of the Year, 2016.


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Hope Whispers

“To possess and express hope is intrinsic to our being human. Our hope, whether as noun or verb, opens to broad and diverse landscape: sun-basking peaks to darkening valleys. We have hope in someone or something…………..There is the ‘sure and certain’ hope of being in Christ through grace. This anthology has poems that travel across this varying landscape. Different poems in style and subject, infused with hope. With a quietness and gentleness, they draw you in, invite you to read… to look up… and reflect…” IAN KEAST – Poet and reviewer


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img001 copy

“This striking anthology features ‘Imagine’ as verb, noun, adjective and adverb, as act, as facility, as perspective, as place, as product, and as effect. The poems within range from the cosmic to the domestic, from Biblical and prehistoric origins to human and familial ghosts, from memories of war and youth to moments of love and regret, from schoolyard to conflict-zone to red desert to old people’s home, fro, water dazzle to blue wren flitter, from What Is to What If… Generosities of words shaped for wonder…” EARL LIVINGS – Writer, Editor, Teacher


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Inner Child


In this anthology, poets let their inner child speak. They share their dreams, imaginings, adventures and the joys of innocence. In an undemanding reality where time is meaningless, fear unknown and trust absolute, we are reminded that for the inner child, anything is possible.


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Reflecting on Melbourne

Melbourne ReflectionsReflecting on Melbourne is a book you will want to own.  It’s also a book to hand on to your children and grandchildren.  Reflecting on Melbourne is a coffee table book of poetry that reflects the life of Melbourne – its people, paces and culture.  With contributions from 144 poets (many of Australia’s finest) complemented by superb photography and artwork, Melbourne Reflections is our salute and tribute to the greatness of Melbourne.

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Water of Life

Water of LifeThis book is a collection of poems for reflection and encouragement which you may use as you choose.  You may devour it at one sitting or savour it slowly.  You may share some poems in public worship or use them to console yourself or a friend.  We hope that amongst them, you will find some that will strike a chord, widen your horizons or deepen your celebrations of life.

There are 20 contributors as well as guest contributors to this anthology.  Most are members of The Wordsmiths.

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Source of Life

Source of LifePoems on love, marriage and family, the third book of poems from Poetica Christi Press.  Like the previous books it features the work of the Melbourne based Wordsmiths and contains guest contributions from other Australian poets.

‘In a world full of confusion and pain, some people grow to adulthood with a limited experience of love, their lives warped and constrained by this deprivation’ – from the introduction by Jean Sietzema-Dickson.

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On Our Reflection

On Our Reflection‘The poems in this book, the fourth collection from The Wordsmiths, have been arranged to take you on a journey… through a series of reflections.  The poems can be read as a dialogue between voices of faith and doubt, certainty and seeking.  In its so wider patterning this book mirrors themes we all return to in times of solitude and reflection.’ – Julien Winspear.

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Mother Lode

Mother LodeCommended in the FAW Awards for community writing.

In this anthology, we have included, as well as poems by The Wordsmiths, the poems chosen as winners in the 2002 Poetica Christi Press competition for poems on the theme of Motherhood.  The work of twenty-one poets is included in this collection.

“With tenderness, humour and wisdom these poets explore that heart-stretching territory between loving and every kind of letting go.” – Kristin Henry.

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Set Free

Set FreePoems on Freedom Commended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Awards 2004. “(This collection) contains much evidence of that very freedom in its poems.  Its many poets exhibit between them a freshness of vision and a brio in expression which hearten as surely as they illuminate.  The poems bear witness that poetry is both a natural and an achieved art – as is life itself.  All their fashioning is at the service of the liberated heart.” – Peter Steele.

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DisarmedThis is the seventh anthology of work from the Wordsmiths.  It contains the winning poems from the 2004 Poetica Christi Press Poetry competition.  PCP’s two previous competition anthologies have been commended by the Fellowship of Australian Writers in its community writing awards for 2004.

“The poems in this book insist, in so many different ways, that we must never give up the possibility of peace.  They are in truth part of the work of bringing peace.” – From the Foreword.

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My Brother, My Sister, My Country

MyBrotherMySisterMyCountryMy Brother, My Sister, My Country is an anthology touching some of the most powerful themes in poetry – our land, our lives, our spiritual journeys.  Here is a deep concern for injustices experienced now and in the past, and a deep compassion for the land and our relationship with everything this land means to us …

‘…These are fresh voices and fresh visions, and a powerful reminder that this place we dwell in dwells in us.’ – Paul Grover, Director, Studio.

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Earth Works

Earth WorksSo does Earth work? What on Earth are our responsibilities as the inhabitants of this planet? Have we messed it up so badly that it’s no longer working? Does our Earth work include enjoying the Earth? What about the relationship between land and people?  These and other issues are touched on in the wide range of voices from the 47 poets represented in this anthology, some from the Wordsmiths of Melbourne Poetry Group and some from entrants to the recent Poetica Christi Press Poetry Competition.

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New Beginnings

New_Beginnings“This book is full of beginnings.  And the endings, are mostly beginnings too.  It is full of the seasons, of birth and death, suffering and small joys, of a Christianity that is rooted in the ordinary lives of ordinary saints, the ones that don’t need ot be canonized, the ones that know even an unfinished journey can be a miracle.  Dip into it, swin through it, step across it, splash youself with these poems or sip them as you would a steaming cup of the best brew you can find.  In the words of Nan Good, let go, go slow, and enjoy yourself in this ‘good company’ ” – Kevin Brophy


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Everyday Splendour

Everyday_SplendourThe joy of ‘Everyday Splendour’ is not discovering mute inglorious Miltons but rather awakening to generous company – to a community intent on showing and sharing their dearest treasures, moments and days of fullest realisation.  Here’s the plenty of language, here’s a garden of most varieties this latitude allows, and here to buoy the travelling eye is just the picture each poet must have desired.  What’s an anthology?  It’s an arriving migration, a hubbub, celebration.” – Judith Rodriguez


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Horizons“Like the perfect line of poetry, a horizon is something mutable that can’t be reached.  But the poetry in this anthology is accessible and it shines with the luminosity of water and sky as they meet at the horizon.  The imagined worlds it captures may sometimes shift as a horizon does, gaining definition as they fold along the creases of life.  Crafted skilfully into many poems in this anthology, the horizon becomes a thing of sharp beauty.” – Dr Lyn Hatherly, Managing Editor, Five Islands Press


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Taking Flight

Taking Flight_2 “Another beautiful and heartening collection of poems from Poetica Christi Press.  The theme – taking flight – has been evocatively evocatively realised by a wide range of poets, using imagery and language that soars off the page.

This is the perfect book to pick up when you need to be inspired and lifted out of your ordinary day.” – Sherryl Clark: Writer, poet and teacher.

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Exploring the Depths

Exploring the depthsThe early explorers plunged into the unknown looking for something new.  Perhaps exploration is part of being human – the desire to fulfil our mandate to unfold meaning in creation.  We invite you to plunge into this book, explore the potential of poetry to express and impress.  Come – explore!

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Memory Weaving

Memory_weaving pic_web‘The threads of each of our lives are woven to form unique personal memories, our stories.  With the onset of dementia these threads become tangled and frayed forming unfamiliar designs interwoven with strands collected from yesterday’s fragmented reollections and today’s confusing encounters.  If you have care for someone with dementia you will find your own experiences in this anthology.  If you want family and friends to understand the journey you and the one you love are making, given the this book.’ – Editor, Carolyn Vimpani.

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A Lightness of Being

A Lightness of Being_Cover (2)
“In a world that sometimes seems dark and threatening, this collection provides another perspective. The poets here have found much in everyday existence, past and present, that is positive and soul-enriching. Often this is expressed through encounters with the natural world, or in the poignancy of human relationships. Here are life-affirming poems, to lighten heart and spirit.” – Bill Rush

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