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Picture courtesy Erica LewisWelcome to the new look Poetica Christi Website.

Hopefully the new format will provide a more enjoyable experience of the site.

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threshold_coverMaree Silver’s poetry touches every sense. In Threshold – a miscellany, Maree creates imagery that is uniquely Australian. Tanks lean rustily; corellas squabble; frogs croak challenges from the billabong; the citrussy perfume of lemon-scented gums infuses nostrils while earthy ochres blur into cellophane sky. Raised in the Wimmera, Maree recalls childhood memories of desert, plain and river. They come to glorious, descriptive life through her poetry and exquisite photography, and continue to live in harmony with poems of suburbia, family and adulthood. Threshold – a miscellany – poems of country and city will connect you to the Australia of the Dreamtime and the Australia of today. LEIGH HAY

Newsletter (February 2015)

Newsletter_logoWelcome to the first edition of the Wordsmiths newsletter for 2015.

As Wordsmiths, we’re in for another year of meeting and workshopping together once a month, to read our latest effort.and have it read to us.

This got me thinking. For me, one of the joys of writing a poem is being able to share it with others. I really enjoy reading my poems out loud to a living (or non-living) audience…

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Poem of the Month (March)





Threads and Patterns

Held fast by threads of language
thought strands are woven
into a web of words
Spun lightly
to catch the imagination
using the colours of life
the pattern unique
The fabric endures

© Maree Silver, 2015 [As published in her book ‘Threshold’]

About Poetica Christi Press

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur aim is to publish good Australian poetry with a Christian ethos, accessible to poets and non-poets, to minister to and encourage them.

We hope to build appreciation and awareness of poetry by and for Christians, believing it to be a valuable gift for use in the church and beyond.

Poetica Christi Press (PCP) began in 1990 as a publishing arm of the Wordsmiths of Melbourne poetry group.  Jean Sietzema-Dickson (left) is the Director,  Janette Fernando (centre) is the Managing Editor and Maree Silver (right) is the  Administration Manager of PCP.  Janette and Jean have considerable experience in public poetry reading, including local radio, and in leading workshops in schools and local groups.  They are willing to read their poetry or lead a Poetry Workshop for your group or event.

Janette, Jean and Maree are all members of Writers Victoria.