Individual Authors

Catherine M Barnard

  • Learning to Listen

From the outset of this lovely collection of poems Cath Barnard makes her undoubted Christian faith

very clear. This is not a work written to make her mark on the world, but to honour her Creator. Delightfully enhanced with sketches by her daughter, the poems, written lyrically in varying styles and rhythms, helps us to consider how we can be reconciled with the First Peoples of this land and in what ways we can help to preserve and conserve the wonderful natural world around us.

JEAN SIETZEMA-DICKSON, Director of Poetica Christi Press

Joy Chellew

  • In Search of Joy
  • In Search of Peace
  • In Search of Wisdom

Antonette Diorio

  • Attachments

Anne Elvey

  •  on arrivals of breath

Janette Fernando

  • Two Edged
  • Patches of Godlight

Kathryn Hamann

  • An embrace of Morning

Marj Kosky

  • Life Dance

Jennifer Langley-Kemp

  • Listen for the Green

Catherine Lewis

  • Coming Home
  • Kindlings

Gina Sabto

  • White on White

Jean Sietzema-Dickson

  • Sing to the King
  • The Trapeze Artist
  • My Father’s Voice
  • What is a Huggle

Leigh Hay

  • Stick Your Neck Out
  • Capturing Clouds
  • Cosmo flies into Christmas

Don Helmore

  • Behold
  • Beyond
  • Solace

Graham Leo

  • Just Glimpses, Really

Cathy Altmann

  • Circumnavigation
  • things we know without naming

Maree Silver

  • Threshold

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