Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis takes us on a journey, through wonderfully evocative poetry, as she navigates life with a deeply felt faith in God. Even under the shadow of a terminal illness diagnosis, she sits on God’s lap to chat about family, history, creation and her feelings, knowing her Father’s love and embrace will keep her close and ultimately, bring her home.                                                                                                                                     “From the opening words of ‘Morning Sacrament’ Cate Lewis drew me into her worshipping world. Using nature around her she sees God’s presence everywhere – as in lyrical poetry she talks of birdsong, flowers blooming in sunlight, a butterfly dancing, in the joy of laughter and the sense of being loved.                                                                             With unflinching honesty she leads us into her life, her delight in her family, her agony in sharing life in war-torn countries, and then her painful journey in illness, knowing that the end will only come when she dies.                                                                                                   In spite of this knowledge she writes with shining hope that this too, will be good. She says, ‘Life is all about dying well.’ And as I, too, realised on returning to the land of my birth, dying is a Coming Home.”   JEAN SIETZEMA-DICKSON,  Director,   Poetica Christi Press

“Cate writes with a spare and simple intimacy. She reminds us of what matters: the cups of tea, the bumble bee, the glance of the weary mother, the burden of love and the journey to wholeness. Through these poems we go on a journey to wholeness. The young   mother staring horror in the eye in Africa, the tumble of family, the fear of mortality and the solace of the wild.                                                                                                        This book is a collection of a life, a life lived with courage and with a clear eye. There is nothing sentimental here, but there is a deep compassion.                                                         God is here but not as we were taught. Children of war are here, but not to be pitied…. Family is here and it is a tender thing. Marriage is here and there is wrestling, like Jacob and his Angel. Beauty is here, in the word and the Spirit. We the reader, sit in the glow of what Cate has kindled and we are warmed by her fire.”                                  REV ALEX SANGSTER    preacher, performer, activist