New Beginnings

“Words do have sound, weight, shape, personality, and each one has a history all its own. . . .  Yes, these words come home to us and its like we are having the sweetest cup of Bushells with them in our own kitchen on our own chairs in our own time, talking deeply as if each word is a thing we can savour with awe. Better than biscuits, better than lamingtons on the lips and in the mouth.                                                                      This book is full of beginnings. And the endings are mostly beginnings too.It is full of the seasons, of birth and death, suffering and small joys, of a Christianity that is rooted in the ordinary lives of ordinary saints, the ones that don’t need to be canonized, the ones that know even an unfinished journey can be a miracle. Dip into it, swim through it, step across it, splash yourself with these poems or sip them as you would a steaming cup of the best brew you can find.  . . . KEVIN BROPHY