“Like the perfect line of poetry, a horizon is something mutable that can’t be reached. But the poetry in this anthology is accessible and it shines with the luminosity of water and sky as they meet at the horizon. The imagined worlds it captures may sometimes shift, as a horizon does, retreating before you like a dream. But they are always wondrous, gaining defination as they fold along the creases of life. Crafted skilfully into many poems in the anthology, the horizon becomes neither an end nor blurred division, but a thing of sharp beauty.” DR LYN HATHERLY, MANAGING EDITOR, FIVE ISLANDS PRESS

Simply put, a horizon is where the earth meets the sky. But does the earth ever really meet the sky and, if not, is a horizon just an illusion? Or is it an invitation, a doorway to even newer perspectives, as W. Eugene Smith puts it: Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always I am on the threshold. Perhaps a horizon gives us perspective and something to work towards. If horizons are about edges, do they define us or limit us? Does a horizon help us to make sense of our past and even our present by giving us a wider perspective? Perhaps it calls us to let go, take risks and step out in faith, armed with hope. Indeed, some of the poems allude to being grounded by a spiritual anchor even as we ‘take flight’ metaphorically. Other poems cover a broad scope of issues, including freedom, journey, migration, farewell, nature, rebirth, daily living, relationships, and the past, present and future – because no matter where we are in life, a horizon is always beckoning.


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