Helmore, Don

Don is an artist with words. His palette is mainly people and they inspire his verses. Starting with his World War 2 ventures in the Pacific, Don has been an out-reacher all his life. As Browning would have it: Ah but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? Don’s poems are in line with that intriguing vision.                                                                                                                                                              JIM COULTER – Author

Within the covers of this intriguing book you will find poems exploring the many ways Don has found solace in his later life. His shrewd observations of the world, or that which he encounters daily are evidenced in poems which will intrigue, question and challenge. His need to also record the nuances of illness, the textures of life, love, and beauty give breadth to the wisdom of his writing.            MAREE SILVER –  Poet & Editor

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In recent years Don has joined me in offering to residents in our Aged Care Facility well received reflections. Always in perfect harmony with the theme, Don’s poems reveal his intelligence, sense of humour and deep understanding of people and the world around us.                                                          BOB LESCHEN – Chairman, Boroondara Writers

Don Helmore has been restaurateur, traveller and painter, spending many happy years with his wife Roses. About 10 years ago he joined The Wordsmiths of Melbourne. The group found he had a real feel for the craft …….Don writes with love, gratitude and with an artist’s eye about the world, finding much at which to marvel in and delight.                                                                 JEAN SIETZEMA-DICKSON – Director, Poetica Christi Press

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This is a book of unique poetry about a wide range of topics. Don’s reflections on life abound throughout this volume, phrased in language which reveals Don’s faith, his enquiring mind and his distinctive love of words.          MAREE SILVER – Poet and Editor

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