‘things we know without naming’ – CATHY ALTMANN

Now available – Cathy Altmann’s second book of poetry, published by Poetica Christi Press.

“Together these poems represent what matters most to me. I have found that I write best when I let whatever words might come, come. This is a new kind of writing for me, but the unexpected images and metaphors still, I hope, speak some kind of truth. They are about things we know without naming. And every part of the process, which is hard to describe, was a form of prayer, a form of things arriving.” CATHY ALTMANN

Endorsement for Cathy Altmann’s previous award-winning collection of poetry, Circumnavigation:      “These poems continually surprise the reader with their freshness. The style is crisp and spare, the imagery simple but powerful.” ANNE ELVEY and GARTH MADSEN


Poetica Christi Press’s latest anthology Interludes – launched on 1st December 2018 – is now available.

“Poetica Christi Press has long been a champion of poetry that replenishes and deepens, and Interludes adds to this worthy lineage. Eloquent poems and photographs offer possibilities for recollection and solace, sometimes euphoria in the midst of crowded, busy lives. Natural worlds and rhythms, other humans, animals and birds, all add their cadences to this beautifully orchestrated anthology.