New anthology Hope Whispers launched 1 April 2017

New anthology-Hope Whispers

To possess and express hope is intrinsic to our being human. Our hope, whether as noun or verb, opens to broad and diverse landscapes: sun-basking peaks to darkening valleys. We have hope in someone or something, be that in – relationship: an idea; a way of life: creations richness; a dream; a wish; an event; family; a place; a plan; the arts;and so on… There is the ‘sure and certain’ hope of being in Christ through grace.

To be hope-full is to be marked by – anticipation; optimism; desire; expectation; aspiration… And, above all, a longing that whispers, (in C.S.Lewis’s words), that our real goal is elsewhere.

In this anthology are poems that travel across this varying landscape. Different poems in style and subject, infused with hope. With a quietness and gentleness, they draw you in, invite you to read… to look up… and reflect…